Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Native Birds in Tamaki!

Walt: write persuasively.

Do you think that NZ should have more native birds in our area’s? Well I totally think YES. If you would like to know more why we NEED more native birds in our area keep on reading!

I think instead of just needing more birds in Tamaki I think we should get the ones that has not been seen that much in Tamaki like the Kiwi! We need more Kiwi’s in Tamaki because I’ve actually never ever in my life seen a Kiwi even though it is native to NZ. I bet if I would walk around a NZ creek in Tamaki I would not see a single Kiwi. So we should just focus but not to hard to keep the Kiwi in all area’s in NZ.

I think NZ should have more Mohua which is known as the yellow head. I heard that this bird is only located in the South island and Stewart island. I would love to see more Mohua in Tamaki because it is a cute little bird and it’s feathers are beautiful! I think if I would love to see a Mohua in real life I’m going to have to go to the South island.

I totally think that Tamaki should have less Magpie’s because it is one of the worst birds ever to me. One of the reasons why Magpie’s should not be in NZ because it has huge attacks of people, and I would not want children in our Tamaki area to get hurt. So we should totally have less Magpie’s in Tamaki.

Having more of my two birds in the Tamaki area would be great. If the two birds actually somehow end up in Tamaki GREAT! Just make sure to watch out if you see any Magpie’s!

Task Description: Today was a fun day learning about Native and Non-Native birds in New Zealand. Here I talk about the birds we need in Tamaki and the birds that should not be in our Tamaki area. This also relates to our topic which is Te Taiao o Tamaki!


  1. Not having Magpies around here Is a good point , Because After all Amelia , It Is an Australian bird by searching it up And as You Stated , Attack people So that's a good explanation on why you want them out of here . Also , I like the fact that you want a Kiwi around the Tamaki area .It's never seen around here before .Conclusion , Your explanation Is great . Keep It Up!

    1. Talofa L.J.,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. I also went online after school to search up about these Magpie's, and the are indeed a Australian bird that can attack people. I agree with having more kiwi's in the Tamaki area which is great. Even though I live in NZ I have never ever in my life seen a kiwi before!


  2. Hi Amelia,

    I totally agree with you saying that " we should bring the birds we don't see much in Tamaki". I also enjoyed reading your writing about the Native Birds of New Zealand. Keep Up the good work!