Monday, 6 March 2017

Thought's about Yr 5&6 camp!

Walt: Write about your thoughts of camp.

Camp Last year

I'm am so excited to be going to the Yr 5&6 camp. Unfortunately it's going to be my last year going to the year 5&6 camp which is a bit of a bummer. But unless there is going to be a another camp. Can't wait for camp!

The things that I'm going to be looking forward to at camp is one of our games which is the KILLER ZONE! Another name for it is top town. Killer zone is a game where you have a whole lot of obstacles and you have to try and finish that obstacle before the other team does.

What I'm hoping for at camp is the yummy food. Last year I ate all my food up which is not what I would usually do but then I did! Another thing I am hoping for is my partner in camp. At the we do not know who are our partners well we are in our tents sleeping. So hopefully it's what I hope for.

I'm nervous about anything in camp. I've already have had the experience and so I'm hardly nervous for anything at camp!

Task Description: We had to write about our thought of camp. The main things that our thoughts had to be about was what we are looking forward, what we are hoping for and what we are nervous about. Hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Wow Amelia that's some pretty good work you have on your blog and you are a fast blogger that's for sure and I love your camp one and I hope that you have a lovely night and day at camp.

  2. WOAH Amelia,
    Thats a lot of people indeed it is a bummer that you are not going to camp because it really looks fun! :) Great Work

  3. Sup Amelia,

    That is an amazing work that you have written about the Year 5 and 6 camp. It is quite a bummer that you didn't go to camp. I look forward to your next amazing blog post.

    From Roimata.