Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Amelia Year 5/6 Camp Writing!

Walt: write about our experiences on camp

Have you ever been on a windy camp before ( Well not that windy ) ? The year 5&6’s from team 4 had their 27th annual year 5&6 camp. Crazy huh. Well keep reading for more craziness.

The year 5&6 camp is when all year 5&6’s sleep on the school field for 2 days. The year 5&6 camp was held on Wednesday the 8th of March. My group was called the Generals. I was also a camp leader for my group. At camp it was crazy! There were a lot of activities just to name a few, Top town (Killerzone), Get lost which was a cool game but had a weird name. If you were wondering what Killerzone is. It is where you compete with another team in cool obstacles.

I had a lot of highlights but one of them was the food! Why I chose food was because it was amazing. I went for seconds then wanted a third but the food stopped at seconds. Anyways another highlight at camp was the camp concert! If you don’t know what the camp concert is it’s when all teams come together in the school hall and our whanau come and see what we have been doing. We also have things like dance off’s and challenges. It was so funny!

I would like to thank my teacher who helped me (Mrs Buchanan) who was amazing in guiding us throughout all activities in camp. I would also like to thank my partner as a camp leader Leonardy for helping out the Generals, and a big thank you to the Generals for an amazing camp. I would also like to thank my family for helping come to camp. I would also like to thank Mr Burt but not only him all the families and school teachers this wouldn’t happen without you all!

What I learned at camp is how to work as a team because teamwork makes the dream work! I also learned how to share each other’s idea and how to stay as one. For each and every student who will participate in the Yr 5&6 camp enjoy stay strong and remember always stay as one!

Task Description: It was a pretty fun experience at camp. Everything was amazing and just cool. So after that fun experience I created a piece writing. One of the most important things we had to write in our writing was our thank you's! So we are not just saying thank you to Mr Burt but we are also saying a big thank you to the security's the people who made the food and more. Camp was a really fun experience!    

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