Friday, 27 January 2017

Back to school idea's!

Description: Yay it's nearly the end of school and I am really excited to be going back. Since school is starting next week I decided to make a presentation about Back to school idea's. In this presentation I decided to use the stationary I got for Christmas to help kids out for some idea's. I made it more fun by adding a option which is decorating books. If you like arts and crafts this is the right presentation for you!  


  1. You are very organised Amelia, well done! This is such a cool blog post to share with other kids, about to go back to school. I do have to ask though.... what about your chromebook??

    1. Oh yes I forgot about my chromebook because I was just so into what I was doing! Whoops

  2. Hi Amelia!

    It's very close to school time! I just wanted to say one last hello before you went and thank you again for doing your very best on the Summer Learning Journey. You've really impressed us with your attitude towards learning and doing your very best, and you should be very proud of that. I am glad that you take so much control of your own learning and this will truly lead you to success later in the future as you could accomplish anything. In fact you could be anything with this attitude, from Doctor to Lawyer, to Architect or Politician, and everything in-between.

    I wish you all the very best for this coming year at school and hope you continue to smile in the face of all the new challenges that may stumble into your path.

    Kia kaha, Amelia,


  3. Hi Amelia
    What a cool blog post!!!!! You are very good at organising your stuff for school keep up the good posting.