Thursday, 5 January 2017

Holiday Blogging - Summer Learning Journey W2 D8 A2

Activity 2

Ask someone in your family or one of your friends what their favourite
five things are to do in the summer time. On your blog, write the title ‘Summer Activities’ and, below the title, tell us about the five things that hey love to do.
I asked my sister (Loseli) what is her 5 favorite things to do in the holiday's and here it is:
1. Reading a book
2. Sleeping
3. Go church
4. Visiting other people
5. Cook!

So these are the 5 favorite things she loves to do in he holidays! She is also doing the SLJ Head over to here blog by clicking this LINK.


  1. Haha! Does Loseli really like all of that? What a great interview! I feel like I"m getting to know you two like my own students! Keep up the great work!


    1. Yea that is what she really likes now on number 1 is sleeping! That's really funny how your getting to know us too like your own student's. Thanks for the comment.