Friday, 21 July 2017

4 ways to make slime without Borax or Glue!

Task Description: After a long trip with the Winter Learning Journey me and Lillyana decided to make a presentation about slime! I thought that lot's of people try to make slime without Borax or Glue... So we decided to gather up 4 ways to make slime Borax and Glue free! First we wrote a description on how to make the slime. We also used video's from Youtube for the people that don't really get what we are saying! As you can see we have just stuck to one theme. I also used a gif that say slime and it shows it dripping! We hope you enjoyed this presentation. If you tried one of the recipes please leave a comment on you results.

Please Check Out Lillyana's blog she is AMAZING!

Lillyana @ PES


  1. Kia Ora Amelia,

    What an amazing & incredible presentation of 4 ways to make slime without using Borax & Glue. Infact I have just finished making me one. I had chosen to copy number £1 because it seemed easy to do but it came out ugly & it smelt yuck so I threw it in the bin, You & Lillyana are awesome & creative girls. Keep blogging Amelia.

    Yours truly,

  2. Replies
    1. Ur Welcome Mea.

      It was an amazing post by the way that is why I commented on your blog. You are such a creative girl well as Lillyana.

      Yours truly,

    2. Mia sorry I was ment to spell Mia!

  3. Hey thank you for sharing your idea. It is amazing, i cannot wait to make it without borax. Before I made with it by referring slime shops blog