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Holiday Blogging WLJ - D6 A1/2 Native Aotearoa!

Day #6: Native Aotearoa
Welcome to Day #6 of your journey and the last day in the south island. You are going to start the day by traveling 63 km north up State Highway 1 from Dunedin to a place called ‘Shag Point.’ Shag Point is one of five places in the south island where the Maori arrived hundreds of years ago to settle in New Zealand. They arrived at Shag Point in large canoes called ‘wakas.’ For more information on Shag Point and other Maori landing places, go to the Waka landing places website.

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Activity 1: Let’s imagine that you were on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…
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I have butterfly's in my stomach what do I expect? Are we almost there yet I feel very scared, we suddenly land on an brand new land. I look around and see there's nothing to fear! Looks like it's clear as I step on the sand. I look back to sea it was bright and clear. I think we've landed on a great place. I study the tree's as they are dark and bright green. I then yell HOME which I will cherish all day long!   

Activity 2: After visiting Shag Point, you hop back in the van and drive all the way up the east coast of the south island until you reach the town of Picton. You get out of the van and onto the Interislander ferry. It travels back across the Cook Strait to Wellington. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and every winter the city hosts a huge Matariki festival to celebrate the Maori New Year. This year part of the festival is being held at Te Papa, a big museum in Wellington.
Read about the Matariki festival at Te Papa.  There are so many different things to see and do at the festival this year. On your blog, tell us about three of the events. You can choose any three events that you wish.

Star Weave Jam! I chose Star Weave Jam because it's like a fun and include's lot's of creating! Following set instructions, participants will weave stars from ribbon and recycled materials.

Nga Kai o Matariki! I chose this activity because I love food. Not only that reason but I want learn how to make Maori dishes! 
-Try yummy samples and learn how to prepare and cook traditional Maori cuisine.Watch Māori chefs in action while listening to live music.

Timarama: Story telling for kids! I love listing to story's, especially myths! I would love to go to Timarama because you can listen to lot's of story's especially about Matariki! 
- Many different kinds of stories were told – stories of heroes and adventurers, of mythic characters and ancestral leaders. Stories too were told of Matariki and its appearance in the night sky

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  1. Kia ora Amelia,

    After reading through your post, I am convinced that I definitely want to take Aronui to Te Papa museum next year for the Matariki festival. It sounds amazing! If I get the chance I would really like to learn how to make some traditional Maori dishes. I have learned a little bit about it over the years, however, I still have a long way to go!

    Do you know much about cooking or baking? Do you ever help out in the kitchen? If so, what do you typically make? My favourite things to bake with Aronui are homemade Irish soda bread or chocolate chip cookies. Aronui makes the best cookies!

    I hope that you're having a great week-end with your friends and family :)