Thursday, 13 July 2017

Holiday Blogging WLJ - D4 A1/2 Swimming with the sharks!

Day #4: Swimming with the Sharks
By the end of Day #3, you have seen a lot of the north island of New Zealand.  Hopefully you have enjoyed it and you’re excited for the next phase of your journey – the ferry trip across the Cook Strait from the bottom of the north island to the top of the south island. You will spend the next two days exploring the south island before you head back up to Auckland, via Wellington (the capital city of New Zealand).
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Activity 1: When you arrive in the south island, Curious Kiwi rents a shuttle van and drives your group from Picton (the town where the ferry dropped you off) to a beautiful beach on the opposite side of the island. The beach area is called Golden Bay and, at one end of the bay, is a stunning area called Farewell Spit.

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Farewell Spit has been in the news recently as a number of whales accidentally swam into the spit and became stuck on the beach. They were unable to swim back to the ocean because the water was too shallow. Many local people tried to save the ‘beached’ whales. Please follow this Farewell Spit link to learn more about what happened. On your blog, describe what the local people did to try and save the beached whales.

After checking out the website I found some evidence!
Seeing what happen to the poor whales were really sad. The people there did as much as they can do to keep the whales cool. They were draping things wet t-shirts, sarongs and towels in order for the whales to be cool. They also poured water all around the beached whales with bowls, buckets, pots. In one of the video's Amanda Harvey from the department of conversations instructs about 5 men on how to right a calf. Rest in peace whales!
Activity 2: After a morning of learning about beached whales in Golden Bay, you and your group are driven to a nearby town, Nelson, to watch a special movie calledWhale rider.’ It is a famous movie about a young girl who was born and raised in New Zealand. Watch the following movie trailers for Whale Rider: Whale Rider trailer #1 and Whale Rider Trailer #2 and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. What is it about? Be sure to also give the movie a rating out of 5 based on the trailer [1 = bad movie, 2 = okay movie, 3 = pretty good, 4 = good movie, 5 = excellent movie].
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Movie Summary:

It all starts off with a young girl named Paikea! Paikea's ancestor was a leader and was a whale rider! Paikea want's to become a leader but the problem is that it's only for boys :( But since her family got's her back Paikea finds whale riding fun! I think I would rate the movie 5 for excellent! I rated it a 5 because it has a great meaning saying Never Give Up! It also has a great story and shows culture.

Sorry if the summary was wrong.. I have not watched the movie!


  1. Kia ora Amelia!

    I really like the summary that you provided of the trailer for 'Whale Rider.' It was very short and only intended to show you a brief glimpse of what the entire (full-length) movie was about so it's totally understandable that you aren't completely sure about the full plot. We don't expect you to be :)

    We were just curious to know what your initial thoughts were after watching the 'teaser.' Like you, I believe that it is a movie about female empowerment and that the message is that 'women can do anything that they set their minds to.' As a girl/women I really enjoy movies that have a positive message like that. I believe that we are capable to setting goals and realising them.

    Shoot for the stars! You can do it.


  2. Damned shame to see so many whales up on shore like that.