Monday, 3 July 2017

Reflection on Back in da day!

The Production was  pretty amazing, but seeing the audience I felt butterflies in my tummy! All the main actors were really  appealing to the audience and the background dances too! The Dances were very beautiful in the Tongan dance which was my favorite dance. Along with the other dances the twist was amazing and the robot dance was pretty cool! The dancers costumes were amazing too! The end of the production was JAWBREAKING! Everyone loved it which what I was hoping. The BEST thing that happened in the production was that everyone that was there participated and all had a great day!!

What an AMAZING day!

PS: The Production was maybe Last week so I'm late on work!


  1. Hi Mia ( Amelia ), I also loved the production. I really wish I could just come back to Pt England, anyway wish me luck for my first day next term at West Melton School, I miss all of you. Great blog post! Hope to see more blog posts from you and the others, keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Daisy!

      I know you really enjoyed the production!! We all miss you SO much. Thanks for the comment too. We will be posting more exciting one's in the holidays.... Hope your participating! Anyways Good luck on your new school I bet it's not as good as our, nahh it algoods.... but really... think about.. Are we the best?

      Miss u heaps!