Monday, 10 July 2017

Holiday Blogging WLJ - Bonus Activity Interviews

Bonus Activity: When you finish your interview with Laura, you decide to keep on interviewing people. For this activity, your task is to conduct a real interview with an actual member of your family. Please ask them to think about their five (5) favorite things to do in the out-of-doors. They can be things that they enjoy doing on land or in the water. Post the list of outdoor activities on your blog.

Interview w/ Loseli ( My sister )

Question: What are you 5 favorite things to do when you are outdoors?

1. Walking in the Panmure Basin
2. Playing with my little cousin's
3. Reading a book outside
4. Go to the beach 
5. Going to the swimming pool!

Then End!


  1. Kia ora Amelia!

    It's really cool to read about all of the things that your sister, Loseli, likes to do in the out-of-doors. Do you ever go with her when she goes for walks in the Panmure Basin or over to visit your cousin? Aronui was just asking me the other day if we could go and visit his little cousins on the week-end. Unfortunately, they live in Canada so it's a little bit far for us to go for the week-end! Hopefully we will have the chance to get back to Canada to see Ella and Grayson (his cousins) very soon. They are 3 years old and 9 months old and they're soooo cute!

    Do you and Loseli have a lot of cousins? Do most of them live here in New Zealand or do they live overseas? It can be hard to have family living all over the world, however, technology (eg. Skype) makes it much easier because we can talk to one another regularly. I talk to my mom on Skype almost every day!

    I hope that you and your family have the chance to spend lots of quality time together over the next week.

    I'll see you early in Term 3 when I come in to hand out certificates and prizes for the Winter Learning Journey programme.



    1. Hey Rachel!

      Thanks for you comment. By the way this is one of the most easiest activity I've ever done! Anyways it's usually my mom who goes walking in the Basin. We like to go there for exercise and fresh air! But we haven't been going there for a while cause of the weather.

      I hope you guys can go visit Ella and Grayson sometime! What is it like living in Canada. Anyways we have lot's of cousins from my dad's side but quite a few on my mum's. We always have family reunions of my dad's side so I visit my cousins a lot (on my dads). We also went to the museum together Loseli included playing with cousins because we had our little cousin staying here for a week! She did not want to go back, which was funny.

      My mother also video chat's to her nieces and cousins back in Tonga at her old house. Sadly my mum's mum died but I think she wishes that she would get to talk to her on day. ( Back to my cousins) Whenever they are on the internet they always video chat to each other!

      I will see you soon too in Term 3! I can't wait!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Amelia :)

    2. Hi Amelia,

      Thanks for sharing so much information about your family. I love getting to know you better and having the chance to 'chat' online while we learn. Blogging is great for that, isn't it?

      I am really sorry to hear that your grandma (your mom's mom) passed away. My mom's mom also passed away about 10 years ago. I was really sad when she died but I think of her often and it always makes me smile :)

      I will see you very soon at Pt England!


    3. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for replying to my comment! I had lots of facts about my family so I decided to do 3 paragraphs! I also loved getting to know your family from one of last years activity about our families and who they are. Yes! Blogging is great for those things Rachel and I agree! My mum's mum passed away when I wasn't even born so I wish one day I could meet her.

      I will see you soon too!

      Amelia :)