Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space Narrative!

Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 

Me and my buddie Robocop have just entered a spaceship. Robocop is a robot and yes he is a cop. He is very smart and when it comes to serious problems….. Cop Mode is activated. The year is 4017 and the earth is dying!  Robocop and I are evacuating earth and going in a private spaceship searching for a new home right away!

Boom! Our private spaceship has landed. I step out of the spaceship and I start coughing from all the dust. I look around and see different kinds of places. The man controlling the spaceship says Good luck and zooms away right ontop of us! Luck Robocop yelled out to duck. Zoom! A spaceship just went right past us. Robocop has a concerned look. Suddenly he caught another spaceship coming towards us. Runn!

Me and Robocop are running our hardest trying to lose that terrifying spaceship! Robocop yells,”What are we gonna do”. I reply,”I don’t know but always remember to follow my lead…. Unless I need your help! “DUCK”, says Robocop as ball of fire shoots out of the spaceship! In a sassy reply I said,”Aye I knew that”. I look to my right and spotted something. “Look I found a cave….maybe if we hide inside there we could lose the spaceship” I say out of breath. We ran our hardest until we got to the cave! Whew! We managed to lose the spaceship and got to the cave.  Everything was silent that I could only hear myself breathing heavily! We both look behind us and see something bright towards us! “What’s that?”, I say. “Well we're gonna have to find out”, says Robocop walking towards the bright light.

“Wow”, says Robocop! The place looked amazing! We took a moment to admire how amazing it looked like! It was like a tropical jungle! Robocop then looked at the bushes “Uh oh”, says Robocop!  I then look at the bushes and it was moving! I step back Robocop steps forward. “Step Back”, I whisper. Then something pops out…... a small spaceship! The spaceship looked familiar to Robocop. Wait that was the spaceship that was that was chasing us. It looked damaged. We went to help the spaceship so we opened the spaceship and there was get this… A alien! Wow! The alien spoke English,”How dare you enter this jungle”  says”. “What Jungle”, I say. Alien replies,”Wait I was the one that was trying to help you”. “What help us!”, Robocop says surprised. The alien then walks off. “Wait we need to explain something”, I yell. We then explain why we are here trying to look for a new place since earth is dying! The alien then tells us to follow him to his chief.

We met the chief of the beautiful planet. He had guards behind him so we decided to stay calm. We talked over the whole situation and decided that we could have a free planet. The chief said,”Ok we truly respect what you have said so in order for the us aliens to go move to one of our other planet we need your help by writing poster”. Me and Robocop did what the chief said since he was so generous. The End!

Task Description: Today for writing we did a narrative. Since our topic for this term is Guardians of the Galaxy Room 7 literacy wrote a story about themselves and a partner. We had to pretend that we were in the year 4017 since technology has changed over time we could go to space more easier like in a private spaceship. We then created a image on google draw or other drawing websites so it can go with the story. Enjoy!

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